September 12, 2016

A Multicultural Extravaganza at Marliave in Boston

I fell in love with Sonya long before we actually met. It might have been the fact that she referred to herself as “Sonypants” or just “Pants.” And that her fiance was called Q – yes, after the Star Trek Q – the multidimensional being that made all sorts of trouble for Captain Picard and his crew. (note: I love Star Trek – The Next Generation more specifically. I have my Father to thank for that!) To top it off, their dog is named Ripley, after the Aliens heroine … and they like to play board games. So clearly they were¬†supernerds just like me. I knew we’d get along great. I also learned all of this within the first few moments of chatting with them on the phone.

To top it off, Sonya and I seemed to have a fantastic chemistry – but I’ll have to leave all of the credit to her. She deserves this credit because at her wedding, I saw her surrounded by a mob of people who all ADORED and ADMIRED her. Her smile is easy, her jokes hilarious, and she’s just a delight to be around. I know I’m gushing, but it’s hard not to. It’s no wonder Stephen fell so hard for her.

These two, though – they’re made for each other. Snark and love, pieced together in a perfect whole. They’re incredibly intelligent, accomplished (my goodness are they both), and overall just wonderful.

So to have the honor of photographing their multicultural secular Pakistani/Western wedding was quite literally a gift to me. They married in the Old South Meeting House in historic Boston, just inches from the Old City Hall, Ben Franklin, and on the Freedom Trail. Their officiant was the Sheriff of Middlesex County (who also admires Sonya). And not to mention their parade through the streets of Boston with a dhol drummer to escort the entire wedding group to the historic Marliave, a culinary marvel tucked away in a back corner but not to be missed (the food, THE FOOD).

This couple is greatly loved by every soul they invited – including myself. I just feel lucky that I got to be a part of it.

Congratualtions, Sonypants & Q. Your wedding was incredible.



Wedding Ceremony: The Old South Meeting House
Wedding Reception: Marliave
Bouquet: Winston Flowers Boston
Table Florals: DIY by Sonya
DJ: Silk Events
Hair: Salon Acote
Make-up: Made Up by Meghan

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