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Grief is a funny thing.  We all handle it differently. Some of us let it wash over us, allowing the cathartic release so that we can go back to a sense of normalcy. Some defy in, reject it outwardly as it eats away at us. 

Irena Mandel Photography was featured at the Shiner’s Imperial Room in Edgewood, Cranston, Rhode Island on March 22nd, 2015.

These are the hands of my grandparents. These are the only grandparents I’ve known my entire life. I’ve been blessed with three sets of grandparents (one in the USSR and another that joined my life later, but no less part of my being), but these, these are the ones that were there the day I […]

What a rush! The show was an immense success. Not only did I meet so many brides and potential customers, I think I made some new friends with the other exhibitors. Everyone was kind and so complimentary. Talk about validation. If I ever doubted my photography, this show set me straight. Though it was a […]

The engagement shoot I posted a few days ago really gave me a feel for this couple and their wedding style. They are natural, homey, with a hint of the classic and stoic. It was illustrated in their personalities all the way down to their then three year old son. I adore this photo for […]

There’s something spectacular that happens with engagement sessions. Even if I know the couple ahead of time (like I did with my friends here), we still aren’t familiar with each other as couple and photographer. It’s a different dynamic, a special dance that can only be learned through experience. Plus my jokes are definitely better […]

The classic dip and kiss… A beautiful moment at the Codman Estate in Lincoln, Massachusetts. A gorgeous location for a wedding, though I’ll tell you it’s a pain to straighten the images because the house is so old I don’t think a single side is straight. No matter what I do everything looks crooked. Just […]

This may be my favorite family portrait to date.

I’m taking a different approach. Little Bunny Photo started a beautiful thing – I was able to photograph some beautiful families and many weddings and events. However, I think it’s been a limiter in selling my legitimacy to some brides and grooms. I guess “Little Bunny Photo” doesn’t sing to the heavens, “I shoot weddings!” […]

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