You see, when I got married and had kids, I realized that iPhone shots don't cut it - and if I wanted to make a beautiful living history for my children to inherit, photography was the most authentic way to do so. 

I'd love to meet you and get to work together - because your story is the beginning of the rest of your life!

Love, Irena!

I'm Irena and I have a problem where I burst into song at a moment's notice.

I also have terrible jokes. The absolute worst. My favorite pet is my Golden Retriever, Chewbacca, and my best "purrson" is my kitten Mochi. They round out me and my wonderful three children who are my world and the cause of why photography became so important in my life.

Wild brides become my besties!
Denim, sneakers, crazy venues are my favorites!
Let's be wild girls!

A lazy Sunday morning, filled
with cuddles, movies & caramel waffles
are my go to! Anyone?

Crate & Barrel, Anthropologie & Lucky Brand are my style go-tos!
Could we go shopping together?

I do this work for my kids, to show them that a woman can start and run a successful business while being the best mom she can be

I’m obsessed with food. Cooking it, eating it, instagramming it.
Yup. I’m THAT person.