I’ve known Caity for many years. I’ve known her since I moved to New England from California. I had lived here a few years working with her father on a video game with Red Sox baseball player Curt Schilling. You see, I used to work in video games, and I was helping make a video […]

Nirvana in Vermont

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I fell in love with Sonya long before we actually met. It might have been the fact that she referred to herself as “Sonypants” or just “Pants.” And that her fiance was called Q – yes, after the Star Trek Q – the multidimensional being that made all sorts of trouble for Captain Picard and […]

A Multicultural Extravaganza at Marliave in Boston

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Marliave Wedding

Chris & Sarah met over a bar of bittersweet chocolate on the distant shores of Australia. Chris who hails from Rhode Island, left for better opportunities in the land down under. Little did he know he would find love there.¬†They fell in love quickly, and in an act of pure love, they decided to marry […]

Massachusetts Wedding Photographer – Bittersweet Farm Wedding

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Westport, MA Wedding

A perfect September day for a fabulous and understated elegant wedding. Their love was so intense, it was thick in the air. Those of us lucky to witness experienced a special moment in time, where two people committed themselves so absolutely none could deny it.

So this is love

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Irena Mandel Photography was featured at the Shiner’s Imperial Room in Edgewood, Cranston, Rhode Island on March 22nd, 2015.

Elegant Bridal Show 2015 at RI Shiner’s Imperial Room

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The engagement shoot I posted a few days ago really gave me a feel for this couple and their wedding style. They are natural, homey, with a hint of the classic and stoic. It was illustrated in their personalities all the way down to their then three year old son. I adore this photo for […]

American Gothic, Family Style

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The classic dip and kiss… A beautiful moment at the Codman Estate in Lincoln, Massachusetts. A gorgeous location for a wedding, though I’ll tell you it’s a pain to straighten the images because the house is so old I don’t think a single side is straight. No matter what I do everything looks crooked. Just […]

Another favorite

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